data Data: 24.03.2017

Certificate of Business Credibility 2016 for Depenbrock Poland!

We are pleased to inform you that Depenbrock Poland was once again honoured with a prestigi

data Data: 20.02.2017

A prestigious contest under the auspices of the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction

We strongly encourage every person from the construction industry to participate in the competition for the award of the Polish Minister of Infrastructure and Construction. Get noticed! Allow yourself to be praised for works which are particularly important to you and prove how professional you are.

data Data: 09.01.2017

Work on the Amazon Logistics Centre in Kołbaskowo in full swing

Although the construction of our new investment started only in November, the Amazon Logistics Centre in Kołbaskowo already takes shape! We are pleased to present you the current state of the project, which final surface will amount to 162 thousand m2. The investment comes into being at the commission of Panattoni Europe Sp. z o.o. Don’t forget to check the newest photos from the site!

data Data: 05.12.2016

Depenbrock – the Business Force of 2015!

This November brought us another honourable mention. We are pleased to inform that Depenbrock Poland was awarded the title of Potęga Biznesu 2015 – the Business Force of 2015.

The results were announced on 10th of November, selecting laureates out of 3228 companies classified as ‘the other construction companies’. We are proud that we were included in the respectable circle of the 6 biggest and most influential companies from the construction sector. The contest ‘Potega Biznesu’ is uninterruptedly run since 2008 by the Institute of European Business, the titles are awarded on the basis of the financial results of each company. At present, the eighth and the ninth edition are taking place.