data Data: 22.06.2017

Depenbrock Poland works for Zabka Poland

Constructing for the largest brands makes us really proud. These investments are often very demanding and sophisticated. Depenbrock Poland is eager to accept every challenge, which is why we start a new construction for Zabka Poland! The corporation owns the biggest chain of convenience stores in Poland.

data Data: 08.05.2017

We celebrate the 12th anniversary of Depenbrock Poland!

Each year around May we become a little bit more reflective. We tend to analyze our performance and activity conducted so far, we also work on our development plan for the next few years. We browse our business history and try to decide what we’d like to reach in the future. We are delighted that consecutive anniversaries bring us new challenges and achievements.

data Data: 27.04.2017

Another AMAZON facility under wing of Depenbrock Poland!

We are proud of the cooperation with an enormous and well-known brand AMAZON. The concern relied on Depenbrock Poland again. This time we undertook to construct the Sosnowiec Logistics Centre.